Choosing the High Fat and Low Carb Way of Eating

comparison-photo-for-blogYou have probably found this blog after searching for ways to lose weight or because you have questioned a low carb lifestyle.  Perhaps you were researching ways to come off your medications.  Have you asked yourself as I have, “How did I let myself go?”

Growing up I was  a lanky, spindly little girl, with arms and legs like twigs.  I recall others inquisitively counting my bony ribs throughout my childhood.  I can remember my parents’ disconcerting response to those critics, “She is a picky eater.”  My parents made sure that my siblings and I were provided nutritious meals, but I was a little hellion.  I recollect sitting at the kitchen table with my father staring me down from the other end.  For what seemed like hours my main course on my dinner plate would go untouched.  I would be forbidden dessert after avoiding eating dinner.  I was in sports and had the fastest mile time in my high school.  So how did I grow into my 287 pound skin at the height of 5 feet 7 inches?

Venturing out of my parents house at the age of twenty-two and weighing in at 135 pounds, I remember the initial freedom of being able to buy whatever I wanted to buy at the grocery store or dine out whenever I wanted.  Masticating on carb rich meals regularly became a habit and addiction.  Hunger pangs and cravings consumed my thoughts; I was in a relationship with everything I put in my mouth.  Creaking and aching joints made me limit my activity.  Altogether, poor eating habits and decreased activity made my weight multiply.  Before I knew it, I had doubled my weight to 270 pounds.  I would lose weight, only to gain it all back and then some.  I chronically relapsed.  Soon I succumbed to my highest weight.

It was when I saw a picture of myself in August of 2016 that I realized how big I was.  I forced myself to step on a scale.  287…  To put things in perspective, I weighed about 87 pounds more than a baby elephant.  I was bursting at the seams of size 2XL tops and size 20 pants.  My body mass index was 45.  I was mortified at my appearance and disappointed in myself.  I visited a local bookstore to see if there were any new fad “diets.”  I must have spent four or five hours in the store that day until discovering the low carb, high fat way of eating (Ketogenic, Atkins, South Beach, etc.)

As a Registered Nurse, I was skeptical and did lots of research before starting.  How could this work with my busy life?  How can this be healthy consuming over 70% of my calories from fat?  What is this going to do to my cholesterol?  How am I going to get all of my daily required essential vitamins?  Will I keep the weight off after I lose it?  Is this really safe?

After probing deeper, I decided to change my way of eating.  I had to change my mentality and then my habits.  70% of my daily calories consumed would be from fat.  I only eat 20 net grams or less of carbohydrates per day and a moderate amount of protein.  I have also incorporated essential oils into my lifestyle.

After five and a half months of these changes, I am down 72 pounds!!!  It is hard not to be enthusiastic about this way of living because of quick results.  These were the best changes that I have made in my life!  I hope you will follow me on my continuing journey.  After many friends and coworkers have witnessed my results, I gladly shared and educated them about the low carb and high fat lifestyle.  Some of them decided to make the same changes that I did, with great results.  I really enjoy this way of living and want to help as many people as I can!  Follow my blog for more!

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