Coffee for Ketosis

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“Bulletproof coffee.”  What is it?  Believe it or not, this high fat and low carb coffee can be a nutrient dense and satisfying hot or cold beverage.  Prior to living the low carb and high fat lifestyle, I doubted if limiting my intake of the majority of fruits and grains would prevent me from getting all of my essential vitamins and minerals.  A basic bullet proof coffee recipe can be made with: coffee, heavy cream, butter and coconut oil.  The latter ingredients will provide you with about 290 calories, 127 milligrams of potassium, 32 grams of fat and less than 1 gram total of carbs and protein.  There is also Vitamin A, calcium, Vitamin D, sodium and magnesium.  After drinking this tasty coffee, if not when halfway through, you will be full.  Who would not want to enjoy a nice satiating and piquant cup of coffee to start the day!

Not only does coffee have necessary fats, vitamins and minerals for the low carb high fat way of eating, but it also has caffeine.  To make it brief, caffeine impersonates adenosine, a chemical in the brain that makes you sleepy.  However, when the caffeine connects to the adenosine receptors it prevents adenosine from binding and acts as a stimulant.  The end result is increased alertness and a feeling of less need to sleep.

Coffee also has antioxidant compounds proven to have positive effects on health including: mental health and heart health.

Since this high fat coffee beverage has a fat to protein to carbs ratio of 32:<1:<1, you are training your body to burn fat for fuel rather than carbs.  We know that when you eat too many carbs, your insulin levels spike and instead of using the carbs for energy, the carbs are brought to the liver to be converted into triglycerides and then stored as fat.

There is approximately a contemptibly small amount of protein, less than 1 gram, in bulletproof coffee as well.  This is excellent!  Protein causes an increase in insulin, which prevents fat breakdown.  Why, because protein is used to make glucose, which is a fancy name for SUGAR.

I bet you are wondering, “What is the significance of the fat to protein to carbs ratio?”  Well it is simple.  You want to take in 70-80% of your daily calories from fat, eat approximately half of your ideal body weight in grams of protein (For example, I am a 5′ 7 ½” female and my ideal body weight is between 121-158 pounds, so 70.5 to 80 grams of protein daily), and stay under 20 grams of net carbs per day.  If you are stalling and not losing weight, you may need to adjust your protein intake.  You might be taking in too much protein.  Some are able to get by with more carbs.

REMEMBER:  As you lose weight, your calorie, fat, protein and carb intake make need to be adjusted.  Failure to do so, could cause you to stall.

Low Carb and High Fat Coffee:


  • Coffee 1 to 2 cups brewed, depending on how strong you would like your coffee
  • 1 T of Heavy Whipping Cream (check the carb count, some have 0 carbs)
  • 1 T of Coconut Oil
  • 1 T of Butter
  • Optional: Sugar free sweetener such as Stevia
  • Optional: 1 drop of Cinnamon Essential Oil [Cinnamon oil can help with brain fog and can have aphrodisiac properties that help build stamina, in addition to so many more attributes.  If using Cinnamon oil, please note that it can be a skin irritant, but will be safe in your hot drink as it will be diluted.  ‘According to Ayurvedic Medicine, cinnamon can help with flatulence, irritable bowel syndrome and constipation.’]  When following this low carb lifestyle, common side effects include gastrointestinal upset and constipation.  Cinnamon oil is a natural way to combat those symptoms.


  1. Brew coffee.
  1. Blend all ingredients together.

Total Net Carbs = 0 to 1 grams of Net Carb (It depends on whether the Heavy Whipping Cream used has carbs or not)

Calculating Fat, Proteins and Carbs.. Oh Macros!

How to check your macros & other things to know:

  1. 1 gram of fat = 9 calories
  1. 1 gram of protein = 4 calories
  1. 1 gram of carbs = 4 calories
  1. Look at the total number of calories on your food label.  You will use that number to find out the percentages or macros of fat, protein and carbs.  A macro is the percentage of fat or the percentage of protein or the percentage of carbs.
  1. To figure out your fat macros:  Look a the fat calories listed on the food labels.  Take the fat calories divided by the total number of calories in the food.  (or If the fat calories are not listed, look at the total grams of fat.  Take the total grams of fat and multiply that by 9 calories.  Then take that number and divide it by the total number of calories.)
  1. To figure out your protein macros: Protein calories are usually not listed, but the grams of protein usually are.  So, take the grams of protein and multiply it by 4 calories.  This will tell you how many of the calories in the food are protein.  Lastly, take that total calories of protein and divide it by the total number of calories in the food.
  1. As a rule, I try to stick to under 20 grams of net carbs per day.  If you wanted to calculate the carb macro or percentage, you would take the net grams of carbs and multiply it by 4 calories.  Then take the total carb calories and divide it by the total calories in the food.
  1. If you are like myself and not counting carb macros, but rather net carbs per day, here is how you count your net carbs:  Look at your total grams of Carbohydrates on your food label.  If there are any artificial sweeteners or fiber, subtract that total number grams of fiber and artificial sweetener from the total number of carbohydrates.  This will give you your total net carbs.

Here is an example of counting macros:


  1. Look at the food label.  There are 70 total calories in this food.
  1. There are 50 fat calories.  Divide that 50 fat calories by the total number of calories. This will give you your fat macro.     50/70 = 71% fat
  1. Look at the total grams of protein.  We have to figure out how many of the calories are from protein.  We know that there are 4 calories per gram of protein.  There are 5 grams of protein in the food.  Take 5 grams of protein and multiply it by 4 calories. 5 X 4 = 20 calories from protein.  You have to divide the calories from protein by the total number or calories to get your protein macros.     20/70 (total calories) = ~28.6% protein

Since the product is 71% fat and 28.6% protein, you are within your macros.  You want to have between 70 to 80% of calories from fat.  The fat percentage is the key number to look at.

If your macros were 65% fat and 34% protein, you would need a little more fat to meet your macros.  This is where some low carb’ers will eat a fat bomb or put a little butter or oil on the food that they are eating to increase their fat macros.

You almost don’t even need to do the math for figuring out the macros in bullet proof coffee.  If you find a “0 carb” Heavy Whipping Cream, the drink is entirely 100% fat.  So maybe you could eat some bacon with the coffee.

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Oh, and my favorite low carb Starbucks drink is a Venti Dark Roast with heavy whipping cream, Splenda and butter.  Yes, my Starbucks puts butter in my coffee!  (Sometimes I get sugar free vanilla added- those sweeteners can stall you.)

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Please post comments if you have questions!  I want to help you succeed!

Next time I will be sharing a 2 week meal plan and grocery list.

~ The Low Carb Spread ~

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