High Fat & Low Carb Menu Plan

When I first started the High Fat & Low Carb lifestyle, I struggled to decide what my next meal would be.  I could not find a 1 week plan that was affordable and simple.  With all the fancy recipes on the web and in cookbooks, I was quickly overwhelmed.  One of the best words of advice that I received and want to pass on to you is… Keep it simple!  By following that one simple rule, I am down 74 #’s in the last 6 months!

Motivation can be easily lost when we do not see the scale move.  We need to keep ourselves motivated and celebrate victories beyond the scale.

  1. Did you take a picture of yourself on day 1 of this journey?  If not, do so!  Comparison photos will show your accomplishment when the scale does not.
  2. Journal your daily accomplishments.
  3. Build a support network by educating others on your way of eating.
  4. At first, planning is crucial.  Know how to count net carbs, carry a low carb food list with you and ask questions or look at labels of any food you did not make.  See below on how to get a 1 week menu plan to help you succeed.
  5. Stay committed.  Get rid of all the “old food” in your house.  Put notes up reminding yourself to stay on track.
  6. Prepare yourself mentally for critics.

I have created a sample 1 week menu and grocery list.  Just contact me below to get a copy.

We are in this together!

Thanks for visiting,

~The Low Carb Spread~

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