An Avocado a Day, Keeps the Fat Away

Avocados…  They are full of fat and calories, so can you eat them on a “diet?”  They are the sovereign on the high fat and low carb way of eating.  Technically a fruit, because of the pit, avocados are full of fat and have almost no digestible carbs.  Meaning, you can eat a 227 calorie avocado a day that will give you a fat macro of 83% and only 3 net carbs!  Additionally, you are getting the following nutritional requirements: 24% of your daily Vitamin C, 20% of your daily Vitamin B-6, 10% of your daily magnesium, 4% of your daily Vitamin A and 1% of your daily Calcium.

If you don’t like avocados, try mixing the avocados with other foods.  Some ideas include: wrapping avocado slices in bacon, mixing them with pesto and mozzarella, bake in the oven with an egg and bacon pieces, deviled eggs, top salmon with avocado salsa, stuff a low carb chicken salad in the avocado, and/or the obvious, guacamole…

Ripen them quicker by placing them in a brown paper back on the counter for a couple days.

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