The Importance of Water & Weight Loss

Following high fat and low carb way of eating makes your body work harder, as with any “diet,” to get rid of wastes.  At a cellular level, your body needs water to help with those waste removing metabolic processes.

Most people who go on a “diet” are overweight or obese.  According to Lemone and Burke’s Medical Surgical Nursing, “a person who is obese, the proportion of water to total body weight is less than in the proportion of water of a person of average weight; in a person who is very thin, the total water weight is greater than in the person of average weight.”  However, the number of fat cells that an obese person has, is the same as those who are of average weight.  An obese person, like myself, just has fat cells that are larger.

So how do we shrink those fat cells?  There is a fancy biological term for distilled or plain water called, hypotonic solution. Distilled water has no solutes or additives such as salt or glucose.  When water or the hypotonic solution enters the body, the cells will take in water due to osmosis.  The intake of water will make the cells swell up and eventually “burst.”  Then you void the wastes in feces or urine.  This result is called a “whoosh” or loss in weight.

Drinking enough water, but not too much, is important to achieve your weight loss goals.  Drinking too much or not enough water can impact your electrolyte balance.  Remember that you get fluid from food too.  You should drink about half your body weight in quality water per day, not soda pop, like I did for YEARS!

I weigh 210 pounds.  So I should drink (210/2) X 30ml = 3,150ml / day  = 3.1L/ day

Not only does water help with that whoosh, but drinking a glass of water before  a meal can help to suppress your appetite; and drinking the right amount of water also helps to burn up to an extra 17,000 calories per year (that is about 5 pounds).

I quit drinking soda by writing down what I was doing when I drank soda or when I was  craving a soda.  I came up with the fact that I was bored!  So I found something else to do during that time whether it was reading a book, calling a friend, doing a puzzle, or drinking a glass of water!  My husband still drinks soda, so I could not get rid of it from my house.  When I gave up soda, I dropped about 7 pounds during the first week without any other diet changes.  Additionally, I have found that when my water consumption is not at par, the scale does not move as well.

I hope this information helps you on your high fat and low carb journey.

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~The Low Carb Spread~

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