Apple Cider Vinegar and CLA Safflower Oil on the High Fat and Low Carb Diet

Have you considered apple cider vinegar (ACV) and CLA Safflower Oil to promote weight loss?  How do you drink the ACV concoction?  What are the benefits of ACV and CLA Safflower Oil?    If you are a carb counter like myself, you are probably wondering  how many carbs are in a serving.  (Just so you know, there is 0.1 gram of net carb, in a one tablespoon serving of ACV.)

So what does ACV do for the person wanting to lose weight. A friend of mine started drinking ACV to help lower her triglycerides and to lose weight.  She drinks only one shot every day and she had great results, lowering her triglycerides by almost 600 points and dropping 20 pounds over a couple months!!!

Most resources I have read, recommend you to drink 1 to 2 teaspoons of ACV in a glass of water before meals and you can do this up to 4 times a day.

The other reported benefits to ACV (besides weight loss) include:

  1. Increased energy
  2. Regulated blood sugars
  3. Improved heart health and lowered blood pressure
  4. Detox the liver
  5. Rid the body of candida (candida can make you less alert, affect mood, increase sugar cravings)
  6. Prevent osteoporosis
  7. Possibly prevent wrinkles and an aged look

Even though my friend did not take a CLA Safflower Oil supplement along with the oil, there are celebrities reporting doing so and losing a substantial amount of weight in short periods of time.  So what is CLA Safflower Oil?  Safflower oil is a fatty acid and apparently the claim is that the oil helps to burn fat and promote lean muscle.  It’s probably a good thing, we like fats on this way of eating!

I am going to volunteer my body and taste buds to ACV and to CLA Safflower Oil for a week, while continuing my high fat and low carb life style.  Results that I will share in 1 week include:

  1. Pre- and post follow up pictures
  2. Pre- and post measurements of my waist
  3. Pre- and post weight
  4. An honest opinion of how my energy level compares pre and post
  5. If I notice a difference in my alertness, mood and sugar cravings
  6. How Apple Cider Vinegar really tastes, and if I find any useful add-ins to better the flavor.
  7. How much I took of the ACV and CLA Safflower Oil and when
  8. And maybe more!

See you in one week!

Thanks for visiting and be sure to follow my blog to get alerted of my results!

~The Low Carb Spread~

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